Mission / Vision / Values


To provide youth and families in need with integrated, evidence-based addiction and mental health treatment, delivered by competent professionals within a caring and compassionate environment.


Healthy, resilient, youth and families who have hope and life skills for creating a positive future.


  • Honesty, Integrity & Respect – we demonstrate these qualities with and among clients, staff, board members, volunteers, funders and related partners. They are the foundation for trusting relationships.
  • Competency with Compassion – our team members strive for professional excellence in order to assist young people and their families to develop the skills and resources they need to be healthy, happy, resilient and hopeful. 
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement – our organizational culture is focused on ongoing learning and development which is required for clients and staff to make positive progress together over time. 
  • Partnership, Collaboration & Teamwork – we actively engage families, organizations and other stakeholders in providing the highest quality services and to help build a treatment system our clients require and deserve.