Our clients are in many ways our greatest teachers. We thank them for their constructive feedback and appreciate them taking the time to share their thoughts and feelings about their experiences with the DSYTC.

What follows are just a few of the numerous testimonials we receive from the clients we serve.

In our clients’ words:

“Dave Smith acknowledges what works effectively for each youth. Without stigmatizing, going through the extra effort to make each client feel welcomed and comfortable compared to the rest of the places I’ve been to aren’t as professional seeming because of the endless multiple groups in a day and all the outside substance use sharing inside groups and additional excessive drug chat. It is a beautiful experience here since each staff member makes it their priority to teach the clients effective communication skills, refusal skills, coping skills problem solving, safety etc.. They make sure that each client stays on track and is doing what is appropriate in programming. It is the best in all of Canada in my opinion.”

“I am nearing my graduation and I am starting to really seeing a new and better person. I am starting to gain back my power, control, strength, worth, safety, and on the way to serenity.”

“Non judge mental, safe, and positive environment. They work on not only the addiction work but mental health, education, healthy communication and so much more.”

“I find myself to be able to be very open and honest with all the staff, and that they all are very caring, and compassionate to our needs and problems. When I talk to them they all show full interest in everything I am saying. they are fair and honest back and very respectful!”

“My therapist and I have a mutual understanding of my goals and my needs and how we can support both along with how we can reach my goals.”

“I’ve gained motivation to work out again and eat properly and sing and play guitar without the use of alcohol. Also, I’ve been focusing on my career, which is highly motivating to be sober and be fit etc…”

“I am 100% satisfied with the no smoking program, since it always felt like an unachievable goal I`ve had ever since I felt like it was a problem to my health and outside appearance.”

“I’ve learned more about my strengths. I feel healthier and a lot smarter. My dreams are more vivid and my memory is coming back.”

“I’m not suicidal anymore, and it was hard at first because I’m sober and had to deal with everything I never wanted to face but I feel like that made me stronger and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

“I’ve always had a good idea on what I’d like to do with my life but when everything was so clouded by society and trying to stay on track in a hazardous area compared to such a safe place like DSYTC; its ALOT easier to try and set/achieve life goals in this environment.”

“I used to always fight and try to run away from my family but since I’ve been here I learnt that my family are so special and they’ve stuck through everything with me and I’m so grateful for them.”


“Because of DSYTC I have found myself again, I have made goals, and I want to live a healthy life substance free”

“I wasn’t in the greatest physical health coming to DSYTC but now from working out and eating well and a schedule it has improved greatly!”

“I like the fact that DSYTC is not a 12 step program and I find the ACRA and Seeking Safety to be more successfull for youth. It’s more directed towards youth. The fact that it is 90 days as well really aids in the process of our recovery. Gives us ‘a fighting chance.”

“The teacher has a much better attitude and is way more understanding than teachers I’ve had in the past.”

“I can’t believe I got to come to such an amazing place!”

“The quality of treatment I have received has effectively helped me change my life in a positive way.”

“I think it would be hard for me to reach my goals but I do agree with them. It’s because I’ve grown up in such a negative neighborhood. I’ve reached already one by coming here.”

“The first week I started school ASAP, finished one unit in 6 days and also started to play a bit of the guitar/piano. I started to do physical activities. I am excited to start cooking in the kitchen.”

“When I went home for my weekend visit it was amazing! I was full of energy, laughing/smiling, just overall me and my family being extremely happy with each other and having no urge to use.”

“I’m doing much better and realizing being sober is something wonderful. I’m realizing I actually do care for others including myself. I’m having a lot more fun.”

“I’ve found happiness again. Being sober.”

“When I first arrived at the DSYTC, I had already tried to commit suicide and was in a horrible place in my life. But as I stuck with the program, the staff helped me flip my life in a huge way and helped me save myself.”

“When I first arrived there was little to no relationship with my family and now I feel like a person again and able to communicate effectively and be a part of my family.”