Success Stories


DSYTC clientele consist of youth (aged 13-21) and caregivers who reside in Ottawa or in other areas of the province of Ontario. These individuals are in need of evidence-based treatment and support as they cope with the challenges and complexities that exist with drug and alcohol addiction and related mental health issues.

While all circumstances are unique to the individual and family, some client trends are noteworthy:

  • 99% of our youth commenced using substances prior to the age of 18 (78% started prior to their 15th birthday);
  • The majority of our youth misuse multiple substances and most use substances daily;
  • 81% of our youth have misused substances for at least 3 years;
  • Substances of choice include: marijuana (79%), alcohol (47%), heroin/opioids (31%) and crack/cocaine (30%);
  • 93% of our youth have been formally diagnosed or meet the diagnostic criteria for at least one (1) co-occurring mental health condition (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, etc.);
  • 93% of our youth report a history of victimization;
  • 36% of our youth report current legal involvement;
  • Our youth report weekly drug (43%) / alcohol (54%) use in the home and 90% (drug) / 75% (alcohol) use by peers.

These trends highlight the complex nature of addiction and the need for a comprehensive approach to care.

At the DSYTC, we treat the whole person. More specifically, for the youth who come to our Centre, they can count on more than help to overcome their addictions. We also provide support focused on academic growth, health and nutrition, wellness and exercise, positive relationships, and more.