Scholarship Program

Youth Scholarship Program

Financial awards are available to those who meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1.  Has been a client of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre;
  2.  Has shown steady development and determination in pursuing their life goals – particularly those goals related to substance use/abuse;
  3.  Has overcome major life obstacles and achieved significant goals in multiple life domains;
  4.  Has attained a moderate to high level of lifestyle stability;
  5.  Has demonstrated a positive attitude;
  6.  Has shown genuine concern for others;
  7.  Is involved in some form of academics/career training which requires financial assistance;
  8.  Has not received a scholarship through this program within the same semester.

A limited number of scholarships are available through this program and those who are interested may apply by forwarding the following** to the Scholarship Review Committee via email at

  1.  A letter of request clearly explaining how you meet the above criteria;
  2.  Information on the course(s) you are currently enrolled in (proof of registration if possible);
  3.  Two (2) reference letters (one of which can come from their DSYTC Therapist)

The Scholarship Review Committee is comprised of the Executive Director, Clinical Director and the Executive Director of the DSYTC Foundation.

**For applicants who have previously received a DSYTC scholarship, subsequent requests do not require reference letters. These applications should include a letter updating their recovery and academic status and progress as well as proof of good academic standing.



Awards of up to $1,000 per semester (up to $2,000 per academic year) are available to those who meet the above-noted criteria.


Thanks to the generous support of our friends at Villanova Dental Studio, each year two scholarship applicants (one male, one female) are eligible to receive a full year of tuition and academic expenses covered to a maximum of $8,000 each. The DSYTC is incredibly grateful and fortunate to be able to offer such a scholarship.

Scholarship applications can be submitted at any time throughout the calendar year – but the DSYTC reserves the right to determine when decisions are made (often around August, December and April each year).

All financial awards are granted AFTER program acceptance has been confirmed but ideally BEFORE tuition fees have been paid.

Page revised June 27, 2017