VolunteerAre you a dedicated, reliable and passionate person with a particular skill or talent to share?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Limited volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year and interested parties can apply to volunteer by completing the following: DSYTC Volunteer Application

We are currently looking for volunteers at Carleton Place:

  • High school level math & science tutors; preferably mornings, flexible days Monday through Friday.
  • Specific activities – running, music, arts and crafts, sports, playing board games. Flexible hours weekends and weekday afternoons

To date, we have had volunteers lead youth in drama/improv, yoga, visual arts and physical fitness. These volunteer contributions have been sincerely appreciated by the youth in live-in treatment.  In their words:

‘Yoga gave me a way to relieve my stress at the end of the day.’

‘Drama/improv was helpful because it kept us busy and it helped me achieve one of my goals which was to interact with others.’

‘Doing visual arts helped me get my mind off my worries for a while.  It also helped me tap back into my creative side.’

For more information, you  can e-mail or call 1-613-594-8333 ext. 2202.