Ways to Give

Since 1993, the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre has helped thousands of youth and their families in Ottawa and across Ontario walk a path to wellness and help bring families back together.

We save young lives. We give hope to families.

We help youth define and discover a new future for themselves – one that is filled with hopes and dreams for the future. One that is paved with goals to reach for and to stay connected to. We help youth who come to us to heal from past trauma. We help youth manage the mental health issues they may often face and we help them overcome their substance abuse issues.

We help rebuild families who have reached or passed the breaking point. We counsel family members on what substance dependency is and how to communicate in healthy ways to rebuild what has been shattered. We see parents who have lost hope for their child and for what they envisioned a family could be. We help parents rebuild what they think they have lost and help them come to a place where a new beginning, a brighter future is possible.

We can not do this alone and that’s why our philanthropy team needs your continued support to help our youth.

Here are some ways to give