Treatment Outcomes

Given the complex nature of addiction (and related mental health issues) and the personalized nature of recovery goals, treatment ‘success rates’ are not easily identifiable. However, we at the DSYTC are committed to evidence-based practices and as part of our evaluation framework, we collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data which helps illustrate the tremendous progress our clients achieve (both during live-in treatment and within their post live-in treatment environment). Below is a summary of recent findings:

Client Progress (during live-in treatment)

  • 98% report feeling safe in live-in treatment;
  • 87% report feeling satisfied/highly satisfied with the quality of treatment provided;kids jumping
  • 88% report improved quality of life;
  • 90% report improved physical health;
  • 79% report improved mental health;
  • 84% report improved family relationships;
  • 90% report improved ability to meet substance use goals;
  • 82% would recommend DSYTC to a friend in need.

Client Progress (as of 6-month follow-up)

88% of clients reported an increase in overall life satisfaction.

  • 49% decrease in substance use
  • 39% decrease in high risk behaviour
  • 31% decrease in internalizing mental health problems
  • 49% decrease in externalizing mental health problems
  • 62% decrease in arguing/violence
  • 69% decrease in days of illegal activity
  • 58% decrease in the numbers of days ‘high/drunk’


In addition to highlighting the immense resilience our clients possess, as well as program strengths and areas for improvement, this information clearly confirms what we already know: Treatment Works and Recovery is Possible!