The DSYTC team is comprised of numerous committed professionals who passionately fulfill critically important clinical and non-clinical roles within the organization. These roles include addiction therapy and counselling, family therapy, outreach, operations management, quality improvement, bookkeeping and administrative reception. The efforts of staff are further supported by the invaluable efforts of our teachers (from M.F. McHugh), Dr. Robert Milin (consulting psychiatrist) and a number of volunteers.

Most clinical professionals at the DSYTC comprise the following positions:

Addiction Therapist (AT)

These Master’s level clinicians provide individual therapy to live-in clientele and are responsible for driving the treatment planning process within a collaborative and client-centered framework. In addition to delivering ACRA in a 1:1 modality, ATs engage family members and referral sources, and partake in case management and advocacy-related activities. 

Addiction Counsellor (AC)

These counsellors possess both college and university degrees and are the primary clinical contact for live-in clients on a daily basis. ACs lead group programming, model and teach life skills and engage in crisis management. Furthermore, these counsellors oversee contingency management and support individualized goal attainment through the strategic use of ACRA procedures.

Assertive Continuing Care (ACC) Counsellor

ACCs possess both college and university degrees (Master’s level) and are responsible for supporting clients and families in the critical aftercare phase of programming. These mobile outreach team members assertively work to engage clients in a timely manner so to reduce the risk of relapse and maximize appropriate service linkages in the community. In addition to case management and advocacy, ACCs are also tasked with conducting GAIN assessments upon live-in treatment admission and as part of program evaluation within our Continuous Quality Improvement process.

Family Therapist (FT)

This Master’s level position is the DSYTC’s primary family therapy resource. The FT works with caregivers and other family members on an individual basis as well as through group psychoeducational programming. Additionally, this clinician aids other clinical staff so to help ensure optimal clinical care and support is available for family members.

Overnight Live-In Support Worker (ORSW)

These team members have varied college and university backgrounds and are the principal client support personnel in the overnight hours. In addition to performing many important administrative support functions, ORSWs help ensure facility and client safety and security as well as provide timely and effective crisis management when required.


Our Staff – Supporting Youth & Families on a journey of discovery and recovery.