Dave Smith – Founder, Honourary Chair

Growing up, young Dave learned from his parents the value of community and the importance of giving whatever he could to those who were struggling. These were lessons that were to shape his life and ultimately touch the lives of so many others. Today, Dave Smith is best known as a successful entrepreneur, unwavering philanthropist and community builder with boundless enthusiasm and an unshakable faith in humankind.

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Known to so many in the Ottawa community as simply ‘Dave’, he has a unique gift for gathering and inspiring like-minded people around issues or causes that can improve the lives of others. Over several decades, he has raised over $150 million for the local, national and international causes he represents. In addition to his charitable works, Dave has built a successful string of catering and restaurants businesses in Ottawa, Florida and California.

One of Dave Smith’s proudest achievements was (and still is) the establishment in the early 1990s of Ottawa’s first addiction treatment centre dedicated to helping young people – the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre. Today, Dave Smith remains as passionate, dedicated and hard working as ever to ensure that every young person who needs help will receive it.