Marilyn Reddigan

Marilyn’s involvement with the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre goes back many years, to the day the management team at ENCON Group Inc made a decision to focus a portion of the company’s charitable giving and staff time on a specific and vulnerable sector of society, At Risk Youth.

Marilyn’s professional career at ENCON spanned over three decades, the last 10 years in the position of Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Administration. Following retirement from full time employment, she established a privately owned consulting business, providing HR Services to small and medium sized companies.

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Marilyn has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre and Foundation since 2016. In the past, she also did volunteer work with the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Shirley Greenberg Women’s Health Centre, and Amethyst House, Second Stage Housing, and, various school and youth sports activities.