The majority of young people who struggle with substance abuse and dependency have fallen behind in their academic pursuits, been expelled or have chosen to drop-out of school. Given the relationship between academic achievement and longer-term success in areas of self-confidence and self-efficacy, academic programming is an invaluable part of the DSYTC offering. More specifically, live-in clients receive individualized academic attention and are able to earn high school credits through our partnership with the M.F. McHugh Education Centre (Section 23). Support for college, university or other academic programming is also available for those youth who have graduated high school.

Academic programming is available from September through July with no formal academics in August.

Client Academic Accomplishmentsschool

In the 2017/2018 academic year, 143 DSYTC clients attended classes while in live-in treatment. Together they achieved:

  • 193 secondary credits earned
  • 7 high school graduations
  • 4  post-secondary courses completed


Youth Scholarship Program

DSYTC’s commitment to continuing education is further demonstrated by the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. Within this program scholarship opportunities are available to current (ACC) or past clients who have demonstrated noteworthy progress and a desire to further their academic studies.