Nurse Practitioner

The DSYTC understands the strong relationship that exists between one’s physical health and overall mental and emotional well-being; this connection is particularly true for those who suffer with addiction and mental health issues. It is for this reason that the DSYTC is proud to provide primary care services via the expertise of Nurse Practitioners as part of our service continuum. In partnership with two local Community Health Centres (CHC’s) – North Lanark and Pinecrest-Queensway, Nurse Practitioners are onsite at each live-in campus one day per week. During this time, these skilled professionals provide invaluable primary care and related services, including: physical examination, assessment and treatment; weight monitoring (e.g., eating disorders); prescription writing and dosage adjustment; Nicotine Replacement Therapy implementation and oversight; sexual health testing and care; First Aid and other health education; as well as mental health support.

Every youth in our live-in treatment program has access to primary care supports and services during their treatment stay. And for those without a family doctor in their home community, our partnering CHC’s will help link these individuals with primary care after they depart the DSYTC live-in program – so to ensure access to important primary care is sustained.

The provision of primary care is a very important component of DSYTC services as we aim to provide the most holistic, comprehensive and evidence-based interventions possible.