Pro-Social Recreation

teens jumping airHealthy and therapeutic recreation is a critically important and enjoyable aspect of DSYTC programming. Experiencing fun, healthy and pro-social activities in a non-using environment has many benefits, including a reduction in boredom and other drug use triggers, as well as the expansion of a client’s reinforcer system (i.e., pro-social activities and the positive reinforcement they provide can and do replace the perceived benefits obtained by the use of alcohol and other drugs – thus supporting youth in achieving their particular drug use goals). Specific recreational outings and activities within live-in treatment include: walks/hikes, sports and games, museums, drama, art, music, sporting events and a variety of other leisure activities. Within ACC, pro-social recreation remains a primary treatment focus as youth clients aim to establish healthy and positive structure and routine within their home environment.

In order to fully support effective pro-social recreation planning and implementation, specific DSYTC team members have been trained as Certified Personal Trainers. Moreover, both staff and clients alike are able to receive training and certification from our internal CPR trainers. Lastly, in the spirit of healthy living modelling and skill-building, residential meal plans are influenced by Canada’s Food Guide and designed in consultation with nutrition experts.

The DSYTC would like to thank Kids Up Front for supporting our prosocial recreation program. For more information about Kids Up Front, please visit: