2021-03-24 — Brighter Days – An Evening Among The Stars

among thestars.jpg


MARCH 24th


From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET for a demonstration event via Zoom. After demonstration, we will be booking appointments over the next four weeks for three different options:

·    Individual session: 20 minute astrological birth-chart and tarot readings, $10

·    Couple’s session: 35 minutes astrological birth-chart and tarot readings, $20

·    Group session: 30 minute astrology reading, $30

Gain insight into your past, present or future*Understand your strengths and weaknesses*Discover your star signs and how they play a role in your thoughts, emotions, interactions, and relationships*Receive a goodie
bag with your birthstone, wildflower seeds, incense and tea catered to your astrological sun sign when you sign up