Filling His Shoes

‘Filling His Shoes’ is a tribute to Dave’s Dream to bring our three aging campuses together in a new facility to more quickly help even more youth and families struggling with mental health and substance use issues.

Dave came into the world in humble surroundings. One of 13 children raised by Jewish immigrants from Russia, David’s parents were remarkable role models. Raised in Lowertown Ottawa, Dave learned a strong work ethic at his father’s shoe repair store, where there was always a big pot of soup simmering in the back for anyone in need of a meal.

Growing up, Dave learned from his parents the value of community and the importance of giving whatever he could to those who were struggling. These lessons shaped his life and ultimately touched the lives of many others. Giving was at the core of his family’s values; David loved to tell the story of his mother arriving home one blustery, winter night without her coat. “Someone else needed it more than I did,” she told him.

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